Notariall act of ownership is the best guarantee of your inwestments              

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Locations divided into:


1/ Health resorts in the mountains and health resorts by the sea.

2/ Large urban agglomerations – only economy, self-service hotels (this is our excellent product. In research conducted among business clients, over 140 thousand respondents favored this solution). Clients are served via applications.

3/ Close centers of old towns. Property with special atmosphere and access to infrastructure of green parts of the cities are the most preferred weekend and business hotels.

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investment preparation department

Ask about our latest investment project. Stress and Depression Treatment Center - Health Resort GOLF & SPA




How do we choose locations?


We choose only those which guarantee maximum occupancy rates and in which we have the guarantee that rooms will be booked by health administration institutions as well as those which aim their offers at economy class clients and clients who seek comfort in close centers of the cities.


         commercial investments - excellent        capital investment with a guarantee of exit                            from the investment.

                real estate with architectural designs and development and for construction
                                                      for immediate implementation.In Poland.


Dear Sirs and Madams, Dear Investors.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our approach to investment.

Having drawn conclusions from this situation, we are presenting our new offer.




We are guided by the motto of our leader, Mr. Jerzy Lelito, who believes that “good, reliable business is generated between people and companies are to perform what was agreed”.


Presenting our offer on the international market, we rely on our experience, market analysis and real return on investment in commercial property in Poland.

There is nothing more secure than investment in notary-confirmed property ownership.

Our offer of investment in property focuses on three groups of investors.


1. Private investors, aged 60 plus, who seek peace and quiet and great stability. For this group we offer boutique hotels and guesthouses in perfectly selected locations, which could be run independently or commissioned to professional operators.


These are investments worth up to EUR 3.5 million. Full return on investment can be generated after 7-8 years of operations.

These investments have a great advantage. What can be more splendid than your own boutique hotel with wonderful atmosphere located in the old town? These are investments for generations.

our propositions 1 ; ROYAL 1250 m2 residence in the charming town market - price after modernization with equipment EUR 1.9 million net


EUR 1,2 million financing needed


























our propositions 2 ;Hotel GRAND 2450 m2 residence in the charming town market - price after modernization with equipment EUR 3.9 million net

EUR 2 million financing needed























2. Investors operating in groups or investment funds, which expect secure and stable revenue from commercial property. In which property is not a security, but also determines the type of activity generating appropriate regular income. For this group of investors we offer large sanatorium buildings as well as health resort and rehabilitation treatment hotels which offer their services to two groups of patients:

1/ referred by the state health funds, which guarantee regular payments,

2/ affluent individual clients who seek comfortable treatment and rehabilitation conditions for themselves and their nearest and dearest.

These investments range from EUR 4 million to EUR 15 million. Return on investment can be generated after 7-9 years.


Our propositions ; Mountain Resort spa hotel 3245 m2
great location in a spa town located on a wonderful river Poprad
price after modernization of the extension with equipment EUR 4,,2 million net                                           
 EUR 3 million financing needed


















our propositions 2 ; GOLF RESORT spa hotel **** 2,200 m2
great location in a health resort located on the Kielce City
price after modernization of the extension with equipment EUR 4,5 million net                                             
 EUR 1,8 million financing needed












The third group of investments are large commercial buildings offering exhibition functions.

We are not interested in shopping malls. Our market analyses show that such centers will soon become history. Our offer includes exhibition centers with dedicated showrooms, in which one can try on clothes, shoes, choose equipment and made a purchase via the internet. Producers and distributors do not have to rent sale rooms of 200-600 square meters. Our proposal is enjoying tremendous interest of producers and distributors of clothes, shoes and equipment from Asia, Italy and France. We already have over 400 companies interested in it. Moreover, in our multi-purpose buildings, apart from showrooms there will also be cinemas, restaurants, cafes, shops run by local producers of bread, cheese, wine, meat, as well as relaxation zones, regeneration rooms, beauty salons, swimming pools and hotels.

We have perfect locations for such investments.

The value of these investments ranges from EUR 45 million to EUR 30million. Return can be generated even after 10 years of operation.


our proposal No. 1.
excellent building after development agency development. 35,4 thousand m2
price after modernization and introduction to the market as an exhibition and technology center for companies 25 million EUR net.


EUR 25 million financing needed


Our investors often ask who we are and what experience we have. They also want to know in what form we accomplish our investments.


We have been operating on the market since 1st March 1989. Our current activities are run by our four companies.

The first one is a company consisting of high level specialists who seek appropriate properties. They also prepare the whole investment process, together with administrative construction permits. This company also manages properties.

The second company is renowned General Contractor, who possesses enormous experience in construction investments. This is the leading company in our group.

The third company is a well-known contractor of technical work / established in 1989 / in hotels, public administration buildings and industrial premises. This company also offers full maintenance services of the property.

The fourth company deals with clients, sales and marketing. Its goal is to sell or rent property at the best possible price.

At present we are in the process of legal creation of a joint stock company, which would consolidate our market position. We believe that this is the way to gaining additional capital by selling shares.


Our vital asset is the fact that we have our own properties and we always partially have our own capital.

We are a stable and secure business partner.

How we operate

An investor chooses the property and the design from our offer. We agree the price and the dates of performing work and accepting the property for use. We deal with all administrative formalities connected with the completion of the property and making it available for use.

We run all talks and negotiations with operators interested in long-term rental. We participate in concluding contracts.

We are also interested in attracting a strategic investor or investors, whose capital would allow us to implement 3-4 full investments at the same time.

Simultaneously, this will allow us to participate in Public-Private investments with participation of the State Treasury. These are very attractive investments guaranteeing regular incomes from rent paid by public administration.

Another advantage of our offer is the choice of locations of our investments and projects.

These are close centers of old town, visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists, fantastic health resorts located by the sea, in the mountains or by the lakes.


We would like to invite you to cooperate and invest with us.

We also have investment and purchase contracts prepared for our properties.


We also invite investment brokers and licensed real estate agents to cooperate with us.

Yours faithfully


mr,Jerzy Lelito




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